The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch – Docuseries Review

the secret of skinwalker ranch

As an person with a passion for truth when it comes to the possibility of extra-terrestrial life, or about any phenonemon that we don’t understand yet, i have long followed rabbit-trails that always leave you wondering, “where’s the evidence”.

This docu-series shines light on many of the questions that surround UAP’s and so much more. Admittedly it does also raise many questions, but that’s to be expected when you show the equivalent of cave-men (us) an iphone. The team (on Skinwalker Ranch) are in my mind, incredibly talented, knowledgable, brave and relatable. In fact, like many of us, i wish i was on the show with them, it looks like incredible fun, and the significance to our progress as a human race, this type of research is invaluable. Their research methods are well thought out and straight to the point.

I personally applaud and thank the team, Brandon Fugal and all involved for bringing this wonderful research into the public eye.

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